Practical Prepping

Be Prepared

  • Tornado
  • Wildfire
  • Martial Law
  • Flood
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Preparing for Disasters

Disasters are natural or man-made emergency events which have negative economic, social and life threatening consequences for you and your family. The world is growing increasingly volatile. There's been a gathering storm of social unrest in the last 5 years just waiting to burst apart and rain down chaos and destroy everything as we know it. As a nation, we've been making enemies left and right and things have been steadily getting worse... If you've reached this page then you must know about the troubles we face in the U.S. today:

  • Our Struggling Economy
  • Acts of Terrotism
  • Rioting and Looting
  • Growing Number of Natural Disasters

It's only a matter of time before something happens close to you, and when that something happens it will be bad. Really bad!

Why prepare?

  • Do you have family and loved ones that you care about?
  • Do you believe that the government will be there for you and yours in that desperate time of need?
  • Where do I start?
  • How do I start?
  • Prepare for how long?
  • Dig-in or Bug-out?
Let's consider how to avoid some of the major mistakes made while prepping. We'll talk about a few strategies on how to start preparing on a budget and a few things you need to do now for free.

Let's Not Stick Our Heads in the Sand

You will find I like to get to the point. No fillers, no fluff. Time is too short. Let's not stick our heads in the sand trying to believe all is well, nothing is going to happen. I will use some examples for clarity. I've been doing this long before they called us preppers. Learn from my findings and my mistakes I've made along the way. Even after 15 plus years I'm still learning. I practice what I preach. If you find someone that "Knows-it-all" proceed with caution. Gleen what you can from everyone. Remember each one of us have different circumstances that we will face.